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Frequently Asked Questions

Placing Online Orders

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  • Do you sell all currencies?

    We sell over 60 currencies online but not all currencies are available from Travelex.

  • Can I choose the denominations I want to receive?

    We’re sorry but at the moment you can’t choose. However, we’ll do our best to give you a range of denominations and if you're picking up at one of our stores please feel free to ask for the denominations you need.

  • Do you charge an ordering fee?

    No, Travelex won't charge you an ordering fee or service charge. When you order your currency, a full breakdown of costs (such as delivery fees) will be shown on the Review page as well as on the Confirmation page and confirmed by e-mail. 

  • Do you charge a service fee or commission?

    No, we only charge you the rate you see for your selected currency – there’s no additional fees (although you’ll be charged for shipping if your order is under $1000).

  • Can I get online rates in a Travelex store?

    No, online and store rates differ. We offer our best rates online with store pickup from many Travelex locations.

  • How can I pay for my currency?

    We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa and you can pay with either your debit or credit card. We do not accept virtual card number products. Please note that if you use your credit card you should be aware that your card issuer may apply separate charges (such as Cash Advance fees) to your order. Please contact your card issuer directly to ask about Cash Advance fees before placing your order.

  • What’s the minimum amount of currency I can order?

    For cash and new Cash Passport orders, the minimum order required is $50. For Cash Passport reloads, the minimum order required is $50. If you need to exchange less than $50, please visit one of our store locations.

Security and Privacy

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  • Is the Travelex website secure?

    The Travelex website employs the latest 128-bit encryption technology to ensure that any information submitted through the website is secure. Our site has been certified by Norton Secured, and we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. 

  • Why do you ask for so much information like Date of Birth and Social Security Number?

    We understand that you’re not used to being asked for this information when ordering over the internet. Because we deal with money, we’re subject to rules and regulations similar to banks. We’re required by federal law to collect this information to prevent possible money laundering, funding of terrorism, and fraud. Don’t worry, your information is kept strictly confidential and is protected with our 128-bit SSL encryption software. 

  • How does Travelex handle my personal information?

    We will only disclose personal information to other Travelex group companies or third parties for everyday business purposes, such as: processing your transactions, maintaining your account(s), reporting to credit bureaus, or offering our products and services to you. Please note that these disclosures are not subject to an opt out choice, as such disclosures are required to run our everyday business. All personal information you provide when using the website is handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

  • How can I see what information you collect?

    The information we collect and how it is used is shown in our privacy policy.

  • How will you use my personal data?

    Your personal data will be used to process your order – this may include identification and security checks. You can also choose to allow us to use your information to keep you up-to-date with information about future Travelex deals and offers.

  • How can I opt-out of marketing from Travelex?

    You can opt out of marketing communication when you place an order or by using the unsubscribe link in any emails we may send you. 

  • Will my data be shared with other companies for marketing purposes?

    No, your personal data won’t be shared with third parties for marketing purposes.

Order Delivery Options

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  • What stores can I pickup currency from?

    When you go through the checkout process you will be given a list of eligible stores where you can pickup your currency. Orders must be confirmed before 1pm (EST) to ensure the order will be available for collection the next day. Orders for pickup can also be placed for pickup up to 21 days in advance.

  • Can I order online and pay in store when I pickup?

    No, if you order online you’ll need to pay online. If you prefer to pay in store you can go straight to a store location but in order to secure our online rates you’ll need to purchase online using an American Express, Visa or MasterCard.

  • What delivery options do you offer?

    If you order over $1000 worth of currency we’ll ship it to you for free. Orders can be placed up to 21 days in advance through the following options:

    •          Standard delivery - Delivery before 7 PM, Monday through Friday. Delivery usually takes 2 working days or more.
    •          Next Day delivery - Delivery before 7 PM the next day (you must order before 4pm EST). 
  • How are packages delivered?

    Usually our shipments come via UPS (and occasionally FedEx), but this will depend on where we're delivering.

  • Do I have to sign for my package?

    A signature is required for packages that contain cash. No signature is required for packages that only contain Cash Passport prepaid cards.

  • What is the cut-off time for Next Day delivery?

    Orders received before 4 p.m. EST are eligible for Next Day delivery with the following exceptions:

    • If an order is placed for Next Day delivery and isn't processed in time, any difference in the shipping fee will be refunded to the card you used to make payment.  If this fee isn't refunded, please contact us at 516-300-1622 or email us at Online.Orders.USA@travelex.com.
    • Next Day delivery may not be available on national and some state holidays.
    • Next Day delivery isn’t available in Alaska and Hawaii, due to their location.
  • Can I ship my currency to an address different than my billing address?

    No, all packages must be shipped to the billing address connected to the credit or debit card used for the transaction. We aren’t able to deliver to PO boxes at this time.

  • What do I do if my order is not delivered on the date I selected?

    Please contact our customer service team immediately at 516-300-1622 or email us at Online.Orders.USA@travelex.com and we'll get the problem fixed as soon as we can.

  • Can I ship my currency to an address outside of the US?

    No, all packages must be shipped to the billing address connected to the credit or debit card used for the transaction and that billing address must be located within the United States. If you're from outside the United States please use the country selector to choose your country of origin.

  • Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?
    Yes, we ship to Alaska and Hawaii. Deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii may arrive one day later than the fulfillment date you request, and Next Day shipping is not available.

After Ordering

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  • Will I receive an order confirmation?

    Yes. You’ll receive confirmation by email as soon as we authorize payment on your card.

  • My order was successful. Why haven’t I received a confirmation e-mail?

    If your confirmation email hasn’t arrived after five minutes, please check your junk mail. If you’re unable to find the email, please call us at 516-300-1622 or email us at Online.Orders.USA@travelex.com

  • How can I ask a question about my order?

    Please call us at 516-300-1622 or email us at Online.Orders.USA@travelex.com.

  • Why was my order rejected?

    For security reasons, we may be unable to inform you of the specific reason your order was rejected. Please call your bank to ensure that your card information is up-to-date and that you currently have funds available on your card. If you’re using a credit card, your card issuer may consider this transaction a cash advance so it may be necessary for you to speak with them.

    If you’re still unable to order please call us at 516-300-1622 or email us at Online.Orders.USA@travelex.com.

  • My order was rejected, why did you take payment?

    If your order was rejected, the funds currently available in your account may have reduced by the value of your attempted order.  This means that your card issuer has provided authorization for Travelex to take payment.  As Travelex has rejected the order we won’t be taking the funds.  However, your card issuer may keep this “ring fence” on your funds for up to ten days.  Please call the number on the back of your card for more information.

Cancelling an Order

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  • Can I cancel my order once it has been placed?

    Yes, you won’t be charged to cancel you order but please contact our customer service team immediately at 516-300-1622 or email us at Online.Orders.USA@travelex.com.

Changing an Order

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  • Can I change my order once it has been placed?

    Yes, we understand that travel plans can change, so we will do our best to amend your order. Changes cannot be guaranteed (for example, if the order has already been sent out for delivery). If you need to change your order, please contact our customer service team as soon as you can at 516-300-1622 or email us at Online.Orders.USA@travelex.com.

Transaction Receipts

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  • Need a receipt for your transaction?

    Please email us with the following information, and we’ll be happy to send you a copy of your receipt.

    • Name
    • Time and date of transaction
    • Currency purchased
    • Method of payment
    • Location of purchase

Cash Passport

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  • How do I purchase a Multi-Currency Cash Passport™ Prepaid Mastercard®?

    It’s easy – either purchase your Cash Passport card here on our website or find a store near you. 

  • What’s the difference between a Chip & PIN card and my regular credit or debit card?

    Here in the United States, the credit card industry continues to use the magnetic stripe technology (this is the black stripe you see on the back of any credit or debit card), sometimes international travellers report acceptance issues abroad using their current credit and debit cards. The Chip & PIN, or EMV, technology allows for wider acceptance abroad. In addition, your personal information is not on the Cash Passport, reducing the risk of identity theft if your card is lost or stolen.

  • What currencies can I load on my Cash Passport Card?
    • Euros – EUR
    • British Pounds – GBP
    • Australian Dollars – AUD
    • Japanese Yen – JPY
    • Canadian Dollars – CAD
    • Mexican Peso – MXN
  • How do I replace a lost or stolen card?

    If your card is lost or stolen, contact Cash Passport Customer Services immediately at 954-838-8294 so they can cancel the lost or stolen card and provide you with a free* replacement. Rest assured that your balance is PIN protected and you can still access those funds with either your replacement or secondary Card.

  • How do I cash out my card?

    If your trip is over and you don’t plan on taking another one any time soon, you can cash-out your card to get the remaining balance returned to you. There are a few different ways to withdraw your remaining balance (fees may apply):

    •          Use an ATM that accepts Debit MasterCard (assuming it’s within the ATM’s issuing limits)
    •          Take your card to any Travelex location and we’ll withdraw the balance for you, less any applicable fees (see your Terms & Conditions for further details)
    •          Call the number on the back of your card and speak to a representative.  
  • How do I find out my balance?

    Simply go to www.cashpassport.com and click on My Account, register and you’ll be able to see your Cash Passport Card balance right away – you can also review recent transactions. In addition, you can call the number on the back of your card to use the automated balance service.


    You can go online or call the number on the back of your card for balance inquiries to ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information.

  • What is my PIN number?

    You can call the number on the back of your card and use the Cash Passport automated service to access your PIN number.

  • How do I purchase a Cash Passport as a gift for someone or for a travelling family member?

    The Cash Passport product must be purchased by the primary card holder - it is not intended to be purchased on behalf of someone else.

  • Are there restrictions on where I can use my Cash Passport?

    There are a number of countries / regions where Cash Passport cannot be used. If you attempt to withdraw cash from an ATM, or use your Card at shops, restaurants, hotels and online in any of these countries, your request will be declined and the reason given as 'Decline, prohibited country'.

    Please check the full list of countries where Cash Passport cannot be used.
  • Restrictions on Cash Passport in Kansas
    For regulatory purposes, residents of the state of Kansas are unable to purchase or reload Cash Passport cards.

Selling Your Currency

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  • Can I sell my foreign currency to Travelex?

    Yes! In the vast majority of cases, we’ll buy your foreign currency from you. You can either visit a Travelex Store or you can send your currency to us.


  • Do you purchase all currencies?

    We purchase most major currencies, but unfortunately we're not able to purchase some foreign currencies.

    At this time, we don't buy Argentinian Pesos (ARS), Cuban Pesos (CUP) or Iraqi Dinar (IQD), along with some other currencies. 

    We can purchase Bahamian Dollars (BSD) and Russian Rubles (RUB) only if we sold this currency to you. Please include the receipt for your purchase from Travelex when returning your bills.

    We’re also unable to accept any legacy currencies from the countries now using the euro. If you want to double check which countries are using the euro, visit the European Central Bank.

    If you’re not sure if we accept a currency, please feel free to contact us at (877) 414-6359 or email us at Online.Orders.USA@travelex.com if you need clarification.

  • Do you purchase old or discontinued currency?

    No, unfortunately we aren’t able to purchase any currency that’s no longer in circulation.

  • How long will it take to get my money?

    Within just five days of receiving your foreign currency banknotes here at Travelex, we’ll mail you a check based on our daily exchange rate for similar transactions. It usually takes between 7-10 days for USPS delivery.

Traveling to Cuba as a U.S. Resident

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  • Are sanctions on Cuba still in place following the President’s announcement on December 17, 2014?
    Yes, the Cuba embargo remains in place. Most transactions between the United States, or persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction, and Cuba continue to be prohibited, and OFAC continues to enforce the prohibitions of the CACR. These changes, effective on January 16 and September 21, 2015, respectively, are targeted to further engage and empower the Cuban people by facilitating authorized travel to Cuba by persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction, certain authorized commerce, and the flow of information to, from, and within Cuba.
  • What are the travel authorizations in the Cuba program?
    OFAC has issued general licenses within the 12 categories of authorized travel for many travel related transactions to, from, or within Cuba that previously required a specific license (i.e., an application and a case-by-case determination). Travel-related transactions are permitted by general license for certain travel related to the following activities, subject to criteria and conditions in each general license: family visits; official business of the U.S. government, foreign governments, and certain intergovernmental organizations; journalistic activity; professional research and professional meetings; educational activities; religious activities; public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions, and exhibitions; support for the Cuban people; humanitarian projects; activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes; exportation, importation, or transmission of information or information materials; and certain authorized export transactions.
  • Is travel to Cuba for tourist activities permitted?
    No. Consistent with the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000 (TSRA), travel-related transactions involving Cuba are only permitted for the 12 categories of activities identified in the CACR. Travel-related transactions for other purposes remain prohibited.
  • Are there any spending limits for authorized U.S. travelers while in Cuba?
    There is no specific dollar limit on authorized expenses. Authorized travelers may engage in transactions ordinarily incident to travel within Cuba, including payment of living expenses and the acquisition in Cuba of goods for personal consumption there. In addition, travelers are authorized to acquire in Cuba and import as accompanied baggage into the United States merchandise with a value not to exceed $400 per person, provided that no more than $100 of the merchandise consists of alcohol or tobacco products and the merchandise is imported for personal use only.
  • Can I purchase Cuban-origin cigars and/or Cuban-origin rum or other alcohol while traveling in Cuba?

    Persons authorized to travel to Cuba may purchase alcohol and tobacco products while in Cuba for personal consumption while there. Authorized travelers may return to the United States with up to $100 worth of alcohol and/or tobacco products acquired in Cuba in accompanied baggage, for personal use only.

Precious metal certificates

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  • I have a Precious Metal Certificate and have a question about it, who do I need to contact?

    If you have a question about your Precious Metal Certificate or to find out how to redeem your certificate please email PreciousMetals@travelex.com

    Alternatively you can call us Toll free on 1-888-439-2438 where we will be able to assist with any queries you have relating to Precious Metals or you can fax us on +44 (0) 1733 503088.