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Our top tips on how to get the most out of your travel money.

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How to make your travel budget go further

How to make your travel budget go further

Want to find out how to put more cash in your pocket ready for your next holiday? Read on for our top travel money tips and you’ll soon learn how to maximise your travel money by squeezing out every possible dollar, euro or yen from your currency exchange.

Top travel money tips

Plan ahead for the best value

The simplest way to push your travel money to the max is by putting in a little bit of extra planning. In the time running up to your holiday, keep an eye on the daily exchange rates and you’ll get an idea of a good time to buy your currency. If you need a little helping hand, our Travel Rate Tracker is a great way to keep informed of currency movements – and if you sign up to our free email service, we’ll even watch the exchange rates for you and send you an email when the rate reaches your chosen level.

It may seem small, but the difference between getting 1.5 or 1.6 US dollars to your pound means an extra $100 in your pocket when you’re spending £1000. To make sure that you lock in a great rate on your money, our pre-paid currency cards are a great option. You can lock in the rate from when you first load up your card and use the same one throughout your trip, meaning you’ll know exactly how much money you have to spend.

Take advantage of our Online Price Promise*

Buying your travel money online from Travelex means that you’ll benefit from our best rates on foreign currency. However, if you do still manage to find a cheaper overall price elsewhere, our Online Price Promise means that we’ll happily refund you the difference.

Remember! When you’re shopping around and comparing travel money deals, you should look at the total cost of the currency you want to purchase and not just at the rate. That way, you’ll be sure to take into account any additional charges or promotional discounts that may apply and really be able to compare deals.

Top Travel Money Tips

  1. Shop around online to get the best deal. And don’t forget about our online Price Promise here at Travelex: if you manage to find a cheaper overall price elsewhere, we’ll refund you the difference.*
  2. Aim to take a mixture of cash and a prepaid travel money card, such as the Travelex Money Card. These foreign currency cards enable you to lock in your exchange rate at the time of loading and are separate from your bank account
  3. Be mindful of hidden credit or debit card charges that you may be faced with by using your card abroad. Our Travelex Money Card is free from fees on overseas purchases or cash withdrawals**.
  4. Try to avoid exchanging currency in your hotel – they often offer the worst rates. If you do leave it to the last minute or until after your arrival, look for a reputable bureau, like Travelex, to change your money.
  5. Don’t lose out when exchanging your leftover currency. Travelex’s Buy Back Plus promises to buy back your leftover travel money from you at the the spot rate on the day of redemption and without any added fees or commissions^.
  6. Be rate-wise whilst abroad. Exchange rates can change daily, and so it’s always worth keeping an eye on them whilst you’re abroad. Otherwise, you may find that you’re losing out or spending more than you think by using the wrong rate of exchange.
  7. Be aware of any restrictions that may apply to your currency. Some countries only permit you to take a small amount of currency in or out of the country, whilst others don’t allow you to take any at all.
  8. Do your homework on local customs. Before you travel, find out the little things like how much you’re expected to tip for services or whether it’s acceptable to barter for prices.
  9. If you only have large notes, try to break one when you arrive. Having smaller notes and coins will prove useful for small spends like bus journeys or taxi driver tips.

*Price Promise terms and conditions apply - click here

** Travelex will not charge UK cardholders for ATM withdrawals, but some operators may impose a fee. Travelex does not charge UK cardholders any fees for making purchases using their Travelex Money Card.

^Buy Back Plus terms and conditions apply - click here