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Travel essentials

Our round up of all those things that you just can’t afford to leave at home.

Travel essentials

Take a look through our travel checklist and you’ll be sure to have everything you need sorted for that perfect getaway.

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Travel essentials

Important documents

First things first: the thing that’s going to make or break your trip is your passport. Check and double check that you have it on you, check its expiry date (some destinations will require that it’s valid for six months after your vacation) and make a photocopy to email to yourself or keep at home somewhere safe. As well as your passport, make sure that you’ve got copies of your travel tickets, travel insurance (try Insureandgo) and hire car details.


Don’t get so swept up in your vacation excitement that you forget to plan how you’re getting from the airport/train station/bus terminal to your first night’s accommodation – especially if you’re arriving tired, in the dead of night or early in the morning. Do a little research and find out whether there’s a shuttle bus that takes you into the city center or what the going rate of a taxi should be.

Vaccinations and medications

It’s never fun to be struck down by illness while on vacation, but it’ll be even worse if you don’t have any medicine with you. Take the essentials like headache tablets and something that will settle your stomach. Don’t forget a pack of band-aids too; they’ll be invaluable if your new sandals rub your feet. And whatever you do before you go, make sure that you leave yourself enough time to get all of the necessary travel vaccinations for your destination!

Ear plugs/eye mask/neck pillow

When you’re trying to get a few hours’ sleep on a long journey or you’re staying in a noisy hostel, ear plugs and an eye mask will feel like lifesavers. A neck pillow isn’t a complete essential but anything that makes a plane journey more comfortable is a winner.


Whether you listen to music on long journeys, use it as a camera or use it to access Wi-Fi to send a few emails home, there’s no doubt a smartphone will come in handy on your holiday. Just make sure to keep it switched to flight mode and turn on the Wi-Fi; otherwise you may come home to some rather hefty roaming charges.

Electronics charger and adaptor plug

Of course, a smartphone is no use without a smart way to charge it, so don’t forget to bring your charger along for all of the electronics you’re taking away. And while we’re at it, make sure to bring the right adaptor plug for the country you’re visiting or you’ll be a bit stuck.

Travel guide books

This one is admittedly optional, depending on whether you prefer to get off the beaten track or head to a restaurant that comes highly recommended. Whichever way you choose to travel, a guide book can be invaluable, even if it’s just to provide you with enough information to get your bearings. Some guide book classics to check out are Lonely Planet and Rough Guides.


On your vacation, a padlock will come in endlessly useful for keeping any valuables safe and locked up, from lockers in dorm rooms to using it to secure your bag closed.

Local currency, of course!

Local currency, of course!

It’s always useful to have some local currency on you when you arrive, to save yourself from spending out with expensive airport exchange rates.

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