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Luxury: it means different things to different people. For some, it’s eating in the hottest Michelin Star restaurant. For others, it’s laying on a golden beach sipping on an ice cold glass of Cristal.

What does a luxury vacation mean for you? And how can you experience it on a budget?

To help make your deluxe dreams a reality for less, we asked 2,000 people globally about their favorite jet-setting hot spots. Putting this together with hotel and flight data from our friends over at Skyscanner, and our own figures on average spending and foreign exchange rates, we bring you Luxury for Less.

It’s not a booking site; it’s an inspiration engine. Simply tell us a few essential things, like where you’re traveling from and when you want to travel, and we’ll show you dream destinations around the world where you can live it up for less.

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Ever wondered how people seem to get upgraded all the time or find those nifty ways of getting more for less? We did too, so we asked them! Check out our roundup of the best travel hacks out there and you might be turning left on your next flight instead of right!

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Have you ever penny-pinched on vacation just that little bit too much? Tried to chance your way through to first class? Then you might just relate to the antics of our not-so-lucky chancers…

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