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Traveling to Puerto Rico

Your guide to the Caribbean delights of Puerto Rico.

Travel Puerto Rico

A US territory holding onto its Latino soul, Puerto Rico is a fascinating clash of cultures. Discover it for yourself with our go-to guide.

Relax on beautiful beaches

Relax on beautiful beaches

Of course, the most stunning draw of Puerto Rico is its Caribbean coastline and array of paradise beaches. For breathtaking views, head to the shores of Boquerón Beach or the deserted sands of Guánica. If you like to keep active, you’ll soon find that surfing, fishing, kayaking, windsurfing and scuba diving are all popular activities here, especially along the northwest coast of the island.

Wander the streets of San Juan Old Town

Wander the streets of San Juan Old Town

Boasting some of the best preserved colonial relics in all of the Americas, the old town of San Juan is a delight to explore. A collection of 17th and 18th century buildings, squares, forts and fountains, there’s plenty to see here. Head to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fort San Felipe del Morro (which is also a US National Park) or do some people watching at the picturesque Plaza de Armas square.

Explore the rest of the island

Explore the rest of the island

If you feel like getting out of the city, you won’t be disappointed by what you find when you do: Puerto Rico boasts no end of landscapes to impress. Explore the misty rainforest of El Yunque or take a trip to the mysterious caves of the Rio Camuy Caverns. You’ll find hill towns and coffee plantations in the region north of Ponce and no end of Latino spirit across the entire island.


What currency is used in Puerto Rico? You're in luck! The currency of Puerto Rico is the US dollar, so you’ve already got everything you need ahead of your trip!

Here’s a roundup of what you can expect to spend in Puerto Rico:

Inexpensive meal for one – $10Bottle of water – $10.5 litre beer – $1.75
Mid-range restaurant meal for one – $25Cappuccino – $2.30Local bus ticket – $1.50

Traveling around Puerto Rico

By bus

The buses in Puerto Rico are known as públicos. They’re very cheap and you’ll spot one by its yellow number plate with ‘público’ written on. These buses don’t really run to timetable, and so you can either call the local público stand the day before (or ask your hotel to do this for you) and ask them to pick you up at an agreed time or you can just show up at the público terminal and hop on board. Either way, you’ll have to wait until the bus is full until you leave!

By taxi

Taxis on the island are cheap and consistent – the official ones are white taxis with Taxi Turístico written on the doors. You may well find them an easier and more reliable way to get around than the público buses.

By car

Public transport across San Juan is somewhat lacking, and you might find it easier to hire a car to explore the island outside of San Juan – you’ll find all the usual major agencies, as well as several local companies that may be cheaper. Driving conditions are good across the island, with well-maintained freeways (known as autopistas). These often carry tolls of about $0.50–1.25, so be sure to have some coins on you.