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Make the most of business travel

How to work hard and play hard on your next business trip.

All about business travel

All about business travel

Have you traveled to amazing cities all over the world, but found yourself seeing nothing more than the office and the hotel?

If that rings a little too true, here we share our top tips on making the most of your free time on your next business trip.

Get organized with your free time

Even if you’re not in charge of your meetings and working time, you can still be in charge of your free time. Before your trip, do a little bit of planning so that you know exactly when and where you’ll be during your free time. Once you’ve got that sorted, you’ll be able to scope out any nearby museums or good places to eat and spend your free time in style.

Keep it nearby

If you’re not sure when you’ll have free time or you don’t want to wander too far from your hotel, spend a little time researching the area around your hotel or office before you leave on your trip. This means that you’ll be armed with an arsenal of quick-break activities and places where you can clear you head with a quick stroll before getting back to work.

Think about staying longer

On a business trip, it can be easy to spend a few days in a really great city and have nothing but tiredness to show for it. Why not take a few days vacation time from work and arrive a couple of days early? Or if your trip ends on a Friday, you could easily stay for a relaxed weekend of sightseeing. Either of these options will leave you with plenty of time to enjoy your destination (and a few days to get over jetlag), without the workload weighing you down.

For more tips and advice, our British colleagues have put together the ultimate guide to business travel (they're the experts in politeness, after all!). It includes top tips on how to conduct yourself in popular business destinations across the world, as well as guidance on where to head to when you’re there. Enjoy!

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Wherever you’re headed on your business trip, you’ll need some currency to get you by.

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Wherever you’re headed on your business trip, you’ll need some currency to get you by.