Travel Wild

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What does it mean to Travel Wild?

4It’s the pulse throughout your body when you watch the sun rise from a new angle. It’s the crisp air in your lungs as you take your first breath halfway across the world. It’s skipping the hotel nap because the view before you is more magnificent than anything you could ever dream. It’s forgetting to take a photo because you know you’ll never forget.

You already have everything you need. We have the cash to get you there. Travel Wild with Travelex.


Take the Road to Nowhere

The wind whips through your hair as you forge new paths. You don’t know where you’ll find yourself by sunset, but you don’t need to. You’ve got a pocket full of travel money and an adventure waiting to happen. You know that the journey matters more than the destination. All it takes is that first step and a little prep to get you started.

Take the road less traveled, but remember to carry cash for the journey.

Feel Lost

You pack your bag with the essentials. Phone, water, cash. You’ve been planning to take the leap, and now you’re finally doing it. It’s time to leave the known behind and chase a new horizon. You take a breath. You take in the view. You’ve never been here before, but you instantly know that you’ll return.

Feel lost and explore, but don’t forget your travel money.

Try Something New

Your flight just landed and you’re ready to go. The streets are packed and there’s something to see on every corner. Suddenly, a delicious aroma wafts past. You turn and see a small food shop and your stomach growls. The menu isn’t familiar, but you’re not going to miss the opportunity. You slide your money across the counter. The adventure starts now.

Try something new, but remember to bring cash for the experience.