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Fast Track VAT refund

Reserve your Fast Track VAT refund at Heathrow Airport and get 50% off!*

Register your details and save 50% on your Fast Track VAT refund*

Save time and money

  • Reserve your Fast Track place today and only pay half the fee at the time of your refund.

  • That's a saving of £5 per form you submit! 

  • Process your refund in minutes before you fly. 

  • Claim in your refund in U.S. dollars** 

  • Travelex stores are landside in Heathrow terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5.

How do you get a VAT refund?

  • Shop in the UK: Look out for 'Tax Free' signs in shop windows.

  • Remember your Tax Refund Document: Ask for one at each store you shop and ensure they are stamped.  

  • Fill in the documents: Keep all your receipts safe. 

  • Visit a Travelex store: Bring your goods and documents along.

  • Claim your refund: Electronic or high value goods will need to be checked by airport customs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a Tax Refund?

    In the United Kingdom, Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on many goods and services. As an overseas visitor, you might be entitled to a VAT refund, or as you know it, a Tax Refund on some of the goods you buy from retailers who are part of the Retail Export Scheme.

  • Do I qualify for a Tax Refund?

    In order to qualify for Tax Refund, you must export goods you've bought by the last day of the third month after they were purchased.

    You must also:

    1. Live outside the EU.
    2. Leave the UK for a destination outside the EU with the goods you've bought.
    3. Travel by the end of the third month after the month that you bought your goods.
    4. Show customs officials the goods, and your receipts for them with a completed VAT refund document.

    For more information on VAT refunds in the UK, visit the UK Government website's section on Tax Free Shopping.

  • What is Fast Track?

    Travelex Fast Track VAT Refund is a time-saving solution to VAT refunds at Heathrow Airport. For a minimal additional fee, our team will be able to process your refund in minutes, saving you time at the airport before you fly.

  • What must I ask the retailer?
    1. If the UK retailer from whom you are buying goods is part of the Retail Export Scheme, you must ask them for a VAT Refund Document at the time of purchase.
    2. The retailer and you must sign and date each form.
    3. These forms, the goods you have purchased and the store tax receipts must be presented to Airport Customs when you are flying home.
    4. Ordinarily, Travelex charges each Fast Track customer £10 to process the Tax Refund for each VAT Refund Document, however if you book a Fast Track tax refund, you will receive 50% off each form submission.
  • What is the process I need to follow?

    With Travelex, we've made the process really easy for you, and thrown in a 50%* saving too:

    1. When you buy goods, remember to ask the retailer for your VAT Refund Document at the time of purchase.
    2. Keep all your documents and tax receipts safe until you are ready to fly home.
    3. At the airport, look for the Travelex VAT Refunds store.
    4. Present the Travelex team member with your unique Fast Track code and head straight to the counter to be processed.
    5. Your goods will be inspected and each form that is eligible for a tax refund will be stamped.
    6. The Travelex team member will pay out the refund, less the small fee charged for each form submitted - which will be discounted by 50%*.
    7. Use your extra cash to shop in the airport duty free, or take it home with you.
  • Are there any Terms and Conditions?

    Yes, you can find them here. Please read them carefully.

Our trusted tax partners

*50% discount will apply to the Travelex service fee charged on each VAT Refund form stamped by UK customs at the time of your departure.

**Cash refunds not applicable on all tax refund forms or in all cases. For more information, visit the UK Government Tax Refund Guidelines.

This offer is only available to US travellers returning to the US from London Heathrow Airport only. Refer to our FAQs section for more information.

Terms and Conditions apply.