Foreign Currency Exchange at Las Vegas Airport LAS
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Stores at McCarran Airport (LAS)

Travelex has 2 foreign currency exchange stores located in McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Please look below to find the store nearest you.

Did you know you can order online and pickup in store?

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great people to work with and would…

great people to work with and would absolutely recommend Travelex

Ryan Orrell

Good exchange rate, on time delivery

The exchange rate I had (dollars to pesos) was very good with Travelex. My currency came to my home on time. You have to be there to sign for it, of course. The distribution in denominations was logical and I had no problems with this service whatsoever.

Daniel Wetta

So far I have had no problems with with…

So far I have had no problems with with Travelex. It’s been easy to use and convenient.

Hannah Hallford


Awesome!!!!! Highly recommended.

Kenneth Sales

It was sooo easy

It was sooo easy! I have some to return..anticipate this will be just as easy!

Nancy Joslin Jahn Morrison

Easy and quick transaction

Easy and quick transaction. Was the easiest part of planning for my trip.


Needed Euros for a trip and Travelex…Perfect!

Needed Euros for a trip and Travelex came through as advertised.




Al Rose

Great service, bad shipping.

Everything went well with the online order. It was swiftly on the way with UPS. However, because I wasn't home at the time of delivery, UPS left it at a "UPS store" 3 miles away that closed every day before I was done with work. So, instead of getting my currency on Monday, I was required to take a day off of work to secure my package on Thursday. Not cool

Jeffrey Schaefer

Ordering foreign currency on line is…

Ordering foreign currency on line is the only way to go.

Sherri Morgan

Money was delivered just as promised

Money was delivered just as promised. It was split into various denominations. Very easy to complete-and very secure!

Ginger Kimmel

Excellent service with the momey But…

Excellent service with the momey But the mailman was a lier the delivery guy did not go to my door or building - I did not leave my apt to be home and checking front desk to be home They do that to save time and effort then say he was not home -B.S. I had to go and pick it up with my walker. Just because he was a lardass If I were u I would definitely scoll them - DBecause it’s Your Reputation not them I would like to buy more but that makes me think Because I am D isabled and have to go in soo much pain walking with my Dam Walker because I get siezures so I can’t drive. Get THE Idea But it’s not your fault . Respectfully Mr. Ayala Thank you .

Mannye Ayala

All was good!

All was good!


Travelex is convenient

Travelex is convenient. The currencies are practical for modern American travel. They carry everything that I have need, and if you have any left over you can trade it back for United States dollars. I enjoyed the feature that you do have to sign for your money so no one can just walk away with your foreign cash. I would recommend Travelex to a friend or family member. Plus their currency exchange rate is about accurate due to convenience.

Jeremia Raygan

Professional and helpful

The in person and phone customer service reps were professional and helpful.

LE Allen

Travelex is rated 4 stars by Trustpilot based on over 4748 reviews