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Currency exchange at Charlotte Douglas Airport

Order your currency online to lock in our best rates and pick up from the airport. Simple!

At Travelex, we like to make your foreign currency simple. All you need to do is order your chosen currency online to lock in our best rate*, and you can pick it up right from Charlotte Douglas Airport before you travel.

It’s a really straight forward process, leaving you with one less thing to worry about before your vacation. You won’t need to sort out any currency when you arrive at your destination, and you won’t need to use your credit or debit card abroad. What could be better? 

Foreign currency at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Foreign currency at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Using our online service will save you time and money, compared to ordering your currency once you get to the airport. At Charlotte Douglas International, there are three outlets to choose from, so you’re sure to be able to pick up your currency from an outlet that’s convenient for you.

Simply place your order online by 1pm (EST) and your order will be ready to pick up the very next day, subject to availability by currency.

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Our opening hours at Charlotte Douglas

At Charlotte Douglas International Airport, our currency exchange stores are open every day to make sure that you can always pick up your foreign currency at a time that’s convenient to you.

You can see opening and closing times for each of our Charlotte Douglas stores below – or you can use our store finder to find your nearest US store.


Open Monday-Sunday 6:30 AM-10 PM

Concourse D

Open Monday-Sunday 6:30 AM-10 PM


Open Monday-Sunday 8 AM-8 PM

*Travelex’s ‘Best Rates’ are determined by averaging our standard Travelex Retail Exchange Rates, including promotional rates, over the past year.  Travelex Retail Exchange Rate is determined daily by Travelex in its sole discretion.  Check your nearest Travelex retail store for current in store promotional rates.

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Order your currency in cash and you’ll be all set for your vacation. You'll be able to pick up your order from the airport with ease.

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Travelex Money Card

Travelex Money Card

Rely on the Mastercard® Travelex Money Card, our prepaid currency card, for peace of mind on your trip.

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Charlotte Douglas Airport FAQs

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  • Where can I find Travelex at Charlotte Douglas?

    We have three Travelex stores across Charlotte Douglas, so you’re sure to find one that’s convenient for you.

  • When are you open at Charlotte Douglas International Airport?

    Our store times vary, but we make sure that we’re open early and close late so that you’re always able to collect your foreign currency.

  • Which currencies are available and how soon do I need to order them?

    We have over 60 currencies available to order online. If you order before 1pm (EST), you’ll be able to pick up your order the next day from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, subject to availability by currency.

  • How can I pay for my currency?

    You can pay for your foreign currency online using American Express, MasterCard and Visa and you can pay with either your debit or credit card.

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You can find a better rate elsewhere …

You can find a better rate elsewhere but I used them because they were convenient.

James Schrimshire

Delivery was prompt and currency was …

Delivery was prompt and currency was provided in small bills. However, I found the delivery fee high, and was disappointed to be unable to have both cash and a currency card delivered under a single fee.


Great and dependable service

Great and dependable service! Will definitely use again!

Trisha D Choate

Good service

Good service, prompt and accurate.

Richard Meidinger

Quick and safe!

Quick and safe!

Christine Johnston

Easy and customer service was very good.

Easy and customer service was very good.

Joy Vera

Excellent service!

Excellent service!

Sabine Desvousges

Easy and Quick

Easy and Quick


Great Service, Great Product

We wanted to have cash when we got to Australia, and found the TravelEx website while researching exchange rates. We learned about the TravelEx cash card and decided to take a small amount of cash and keep a larger amount of Australian dollars on the cash card. We were able to do all this via the website, but opted to go to the TravelEx store at North Park Mall in Dallas to pick up our cash and the cash cards instead of having them shipped for free. We called to confirm everything with the store and spoke with Amy. She was very helpful, efficient, and informed us on how to add funds to the cash card from Oz, if needed. Everything worked out perfectly while in Australia! I highly recommend this service to anyone, especially as the rates were fantastic!

Joanne in Texas


Excellent, efficient service. It was so easy to order euros through Travelex. The exchange rate was a fair one. Delivery was very fast and easy. I will definitely use this company again.

Sara Brown

extremely easy to deal with

extremely easy to deal with. glad i found you. nice to find such a convenient place to get money for my friend in Brazil.

David Buning

Store was unexpectedly closed

Overall, I have never had an issue picking up an order with Travelex. This time, I experienced an inconvenience which was minor, but could have been major if it weren't for the timing. I went to the Travelex office to pick up my order the day before I was leaving on a trip. I arrived before 6 p.m. and the store closed at 8 p.m., according to the site. When I arrived, there was a sign on the door that the store was temporarily closed and would reopen at 6:30 p.m. In the end, it ended up being a minor inconvenience to wait 30 minutes, but normally, when I pick up a Travelex order, I don't always have 30 minutes to wait. I usually stop by on my way to work or during lunch because it's the only opportunity I have to go. I understand that staff may need to get dinner or leave for a moment, but there should be more than one person available to assist in that case.


Great Service

The agent at the counter in SFO was very helpful. He gave us good information so that we could purchase the currency online and receive it at the convenient location in the airport. The process was easy and smooth.


Such an easy procedure

Such an easy procedure. Way easier than goig downtown in my lunchbreak or dealing at the airport.

Susan Coakley

Very helpful people at Travelex.

Very helpful people at Travelex.

Travelex user

Travelex is rated 4 stars by Trustpilot based on over 2356 reviews