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Do we really want a cashless society?

December 2018

Do we really want a cashless society?

With the decline in the use of cash across many developed-world countries, a fully cashless society seems inevitable. This begs the question – do we really want a cashless society?

In order to find out, Travelex surveyed the sentiment of consumers in countries at both ends of the cashless spectrum - the UK and Australia, where digital is more pervasive – as well as Brazil and South Africa, which are largely still cash-dependent. The results proved startling.

The report, “Do we really want a cashless society?” is essential reading for financial service providers looking to inform their approach to cash and digital payments.

The following questions are addressed in the report:

  • Is the death of cash imminent?
  • Do people want to ditch cash?
  • What drives consumers’ use of cash?
  • How do consumers use cash?
  • What this means for global citizens?
  • Can people be persuaded to use less cash?

Download the report today.

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