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Samsung Pay Money Trasfer Powered by Travelex

At this time the Samsung Pay Money Transfer feature Powered by Travelex is unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience

A service you can trust

Your money gets safely to its destination —period. With over 40 years of experience in foreign exchange, Travelex works with Samsung Pay to make the process simple and secure.

Transparent fees

Know how much you’ll pay before you transfer funds. All fees and exchange rates are included upfront, so you’ll know how much you’re sending

Send money at your convenience

Make international transfers from the comfort of your home or on the go. Simply open the Samsung Pay app and the tools are right at your fingertips

Samsung Pay Money Transfer powered by Travelex

About Money Transfer

When you use Money Transfer powered by Travelex to send money abroad, you can rest assured knowing your funds are safe.

Enjoy the convenience of a trusted international payment service built right into your Samsung Pay app.

Available for download on supported Samsung devices.

How it Works

Send money in 6 easy steps!

Product FAQs

  • What can I do with Money Transfer?

    Money Transfer lets you send an international money transfer from within your Samsung Pay app using your personal debit or credit card linked to your digital wallet, and delivers the money to your recipients’ bank account or to cash pick up locations outside of the US

  • What do I need to get started?

    You will need to be a Samsung Pay user with an active account with a valid U.S issued debit or credit card loaded within your wallet to start the Money Transfer process.

  • Can I send money to anyone?

    You can send money to any individual or company in the countries we deliver to. For SWIFT you can send to an individual and a company. For local or cash pick up you can only send to an individual. However, due to U.S and international regulatory requirements, it may be necessary to reject payments made to certain individuals or companies

  • What is the difference between the Bank Deposit and Premium delivery method?

    Premium delivery method utilizes the SWIFT international payment network and adds a layer of security and enhanced traceability, as well as giving you the ability to transfer to businesses.
    Bank Deposit delivery method enables senders to transfer money direct to the recipient’s bank account with lower fees than our Premium delivery method.

  • How do I pay?

    We accept most U.S issued Visa or MasterCard debit and credit cards which need to be stored in your Samsung Pay wallet. Cards issued outside the US, Prepaid, American Express, Discover, Capital One, Citi and PayPal cards are not supported.

  • Do I need to have a Samsung device in order to access the app?

    Yes, the Money Transfer feature is available within the Samsung Pay wallet which is only accessible via any qualifying Samsung device

  • Is it important to have the correct Recipient details?

    Yes, it is extremely important that the recipient’s details match the details that are registered with their bank account, and those on their chosen identification that they will use to pick up cash orders. Please check you have entered the recipient’s details correctly each time you make a payment to avoid it being sent to the wrong recipient.

  • How long after I have submitted documents will I be able to complete my transfer?

    We aim to review your documents within two days of your submission. Please remember you must submit all required documents for the review to begin

  • What do I do if I think there has been an error or problem with my transfer?

    If you think there has been an error or problem with your transfer, please call our Customer Support team on:
    1 866 966 2576 - Toll free from the U.S
    +44 20 7578 2403 - U.K number that can be called from anywhere around the globe. .

    You can also email us at: support.moneytransfer@travelex.com. The team will reply within 24 hours.

    You must contact us within 180 days of the original estimated arrival of funds. When you do, please tell us:

    • (1) Your name and address or telephone number;
    • (2) The error or problem with the transfer, and why you believe it is an error or problem;
    • (3) The name of the person receiving the funds, and if you know it, their telephone number or address;
    • (4) The dollar amount of the transfer; and
    • (5) The confirmation code or number of the transaction.

    We will carry out an investigation which can take up to 90 days to determine whether an error has occurred. Within three business days after completing the investigation we will inform you of the results. In the event of an error, we will correct it promptly. You may ask for copies of any documents we used in our investigation.

  • What does my recipient need to pick up cash?

    Your recipient will need a valid photo ID and the confirmation number the you receive on the final receipt screen to collect their transfer as cash. Remember, once you complete your transfer and receive your receipt, you can share it direct from the app using your send method of choice.

  • I have a question not answered in the FAQs. How do I contact the Money Transfer Customer Support team?

    Your Customer Support team are available 24/7 to help you. Here's how you can contact them:

    • 1. Email: You can email the Customer Support team with any questions or comments you may have. Our Customer Support email address is: support.moneytransfer@travelex.com and the team will reply within 24 hours.
    • 2. Phone: You can speak with our Customer Support team directly on:

      1 866 966 2576 - Toll free from the U.S
      +44 20 7578 2403 - U.K number that can be called from anywhere around the globe
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