International Payments Price Promise Terms and Conditions

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Some claim they'll give you the best international money transfer price but only this service offers a lowest price guarantee!

The exchange rates of major banks and key competitors are regularly checked to ensure you get the best overall price on your money transfer quote – that’s the International Payments Price Promise.

The Travelex International Payments service is committed to beating the best possible overall price in the US on your international money transfer quote. 

International Payments Price Promise Terms & Conditions

The Travelex International Payments Service is provided by USForex Inc., a Delaware corporation with its principal place of business at 100 Montgomery St., Suite 1400, San Francisco, CA 94104 ("USForex"). Any reference herein to "we", "us", or "our" is a reference to USForex.  

The Travelex International Payments Service, provided by USForex is committed to providing the best overall price quote in the United States on international foreign exchange money transfers (the “Price Promise”).  If you find a better overall price quote offered by another provider ("comparison quote") please contact USForex with the relevant evidence (as outlined below) and the Travelex International Payments Service, provided by USForex, will provide a lower price than the comparison quote, provided you inform us of the lower price (“comparison quote”) before your deal is confirmed with us or another provider.

  1. The Price Promise is a commitment made by USForex to all registered United States customers of the Travelex International Payments Service, a service provided by USForex.
  2. The USForex commitment applies ONLY to prices quoted for The Travelex International Payments Service.  This means services offered exclusively by USForex over the Internet on "" ("Website") or over the Customer Service Telephone Line at 1-855-855-7292 ("Service Line").  The Price Promise is not for services that USForex offers in conjunction with any other partner companies.
  3. The Price Promise only applies to those specific Supported Currencies listed on the Website or the Service Line on the same Business Day (as hereinafter defined) as the International Money Transfer quote Is obtained.
  4. A "Business Day" is deemed to run for Twenty -Four (24) consecutive hours from 10.00am until 9.59 a.m. the following day.
  5. The Price Promise applies only to other international foreign exchange money transfer quotes obtained (either online or over the phone) within thirty (30) minutes of the Travelex International Payments Service quote obtained on the same Business Day.
  6. Price Promise applies only to comparisons of total, overall prices (including, but not limited to, commission, foreign exchange margin and service fees) offered by USForex and the other international payments provider being compared.   The overall prices compared must be based on similar transactions (i.e., a "buy" vs. a "sell" transaction) and offered to the general public.  Rates offered only to employees, staff, members or specific individuals or groups are excluded.  Rate must be a Retail foreign exchange rate and may not be a discounted rate or the Spot Rate (as defined herein).
  7. Price Promise is valid only in the United States.  It cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. The "comparison quote" must be offered on a similar transaction, by a United States company via an online or phone presence.   It is not transferable, has no cash value, cannot be redeemed for cash, and is subject at all times to these Terms and Conditions.  USForex reserves the right to edit, modify, or cancel these Terms and Conditions or the Price Promise at any time, without notice, at its sole discretion.  
  8. Standard online transaction limitations apply in respect of maximum and minimum transaction sizes.  Details of transactions size limitations can be found on our website ( or by calling 1-855-855-7292.

    For the purposes of the International Payments Price Promise Terms and Conditions, "Spot Rate" means a mid-market or indicative rate shown on various foreign exchange providers’ websites which is neither an actual "buy" nor actual "sell" rate offered by that provider but rather a rate derived from the mid-point between the buy and sell rates of large-value transactions in the global currency marketplace.
  9. Price Promise relates to a bona fide total price (including, but not limited to,  commission, foreign currency rate and fees) offered by another United States money transfer provider who offers the competitive price in the ordinary course of business (online or over the telephone) of offering international money wire transfers to customers in the United States. 
  10. To apply for a Price Promise review, please provide documentary evidence of the alternative/comparison price quote by emailing us, with ALL of the following information:
    a.   the total price quoted by the comparison quote (including, but not limited to, commission, foreign exchange margin and fees);
    b.  the exact time and date you obtained the comparison quote; 
    c.   the Spot Rate rate used by the comparison quote (which the foreign exchange margin was applied to)*;
    d.  your name, mailing address, email, and telephone number;** AND
    e.  Items a-c above for the Travelex International Payment Service Quote.

    *in order to ensure all quotes are validated on a like-for-like transaction basis, the underlying Foreign exchange market rate (which will vary from provider to provider) is required so that the ‘total price’ of a comparison quote can be calculated.

    **We only use this information to contact you regarding your Price Promise request. USForex will not share your personal information with third parties outside the OzForex Group.  Please read our Privacy Policy (hyper link) for details on how we use your personal information.