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Ahoy, Matey!

Awesome awaits fer you and yer little ones! Travelex has teamed up with LEGOLAND® Florida Resort so ye can now exchange yer currency fer LEGOLAND Dollars! Exchange $50* or more and ye’ll get some coupons fer awesome savings at the Resort. But ye better hurry to a Travelex store—this special offerrr is only good for a limited time! Arrrgh you ready to have some fun?

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  • 1 LLD = $1 USD
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What to spend your LEGOLAND Dollars on

  • A pirate sword to battle Captain Brickbeard

    10.99 LLD 10.99 USD

  • 10 pizzas. And 10 more. And 10 more. Just for Kids

    9.99 LLD 9.99 USD

  • Four Fun Town slushies

    22 LLD 22 USD

  • Official LEGOLAND driver's license

    15 LLD 15 USD

  • 3 Build-Your-Own Minifigures

    9.99 LLD 9.99 USD

Participating Travelex Locations

For a limited time, exchange U.S. Dollars for LEGOLAND Dollars at participating Travelex locations in the United States. LEGOLAND Dollars can be used to purchase anything within the LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

* LEGOLAND Dollars purchased at participating Travelex U.S. retail locations are valid only at LEGOLAND Florida, are not redeemable for cash and are nonrefundable. Unused LEGOLAND Dollars are not eligible for buyback by Travelex. LEGOLAND Dollars can only be purchased with U.S. Dollars (USD) at an exchange rate ratio of 1:1. LEGOLAND Dollars may be subject to additional LEGOLAND restrictions. Travelex makes no guarantees of acceptance or condition of LEGOLAND Dollars. Minimum purchase of 5 LEGOLAND Dollars required. Travelex’s $9.95 service charge is waived on all LEGOLAND Dollar purchases. © 2015 Travelex Currency Services Inc. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks, service marks and trade names referenced in this material are the property of their respective owners.

Must-sees in LEGOLAND Florida

  • Ford Driving School
  • Take the wheel, go on a mini road trip, and get your very own driver's license!
  • Character Meet & Greet
  • Hang out with your favorite LEGO characters, like the Good Knight, Captain Brickbeard and the World's Greatest Adventurer!
  • LEGOLAND Hotel
  • Spend the night in one of our special Pirate, Kingdom, Adventure or LEGO® Friends themed rooms!
  • The Dragon
  • Fly fast on the back of a big, green (but friendly) dragon!


We’re pleased to add the LEGOLAND dollar to our extensive range of currencies this summer. Of course, LEGOLAND comes as highly recommended by my two sons, ages 4 and 8, but we're also happy to offer additional value and benefits to our customers through this partnership.” Christopher McShane, Head of Retail, Travelex

We gave some to each of our kids when we went to LEGOLAND Florida, and they loved using them to buy their own souvenirs! Marianne M.

A deep dive on LEGOLAND Dollars

The LEGOLAND Dollar came into circulation in 2011. Available in $1, $5, and $10 denominations, each bill features one of the awesomest LEGO® minifigure characters in the world!

More info about LEGOLAND Dollars

At LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND Dollars are even better than gold! With 12 restaurants, 11 shops, and Heartlake Mall, your options are endless (and awesome)!

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Customer service was great and it was a quick transaction!

Valerie Pierce

Your Cincinnati team and the visiting…

Your Cincinnati team and the visiting agent from St. Louis were very pleasant, welcoming and professional. Their smiles and careful arrangement of my online order made me feel like I had friends; the crowded airport change sites are abrupt, transactional and cold. But the team at 425 Walnut in Cincinnati's US Bank genuinely cared to "get it right the first time". Thank you!

James OReilly

What an easy experience

What an easy experience. Delivered on time and as ordered. We did not have to bother with calling ahead to the local currency exchange to see if they even had Euros. I will use Travelex from now on.

Richard Christopher

Very Easy to place your order!

It was very easy to request the currency exchange. I am traveling to Africa to study aboard for 10 days. I tried my bank and even my husband's business bank and no one could help me. All you have to do is fill out the form and you are notified within 24 hours if your request was approved. They keep you updated throughout the whole process. My currency arrived as expected. Looking forward to my trip. I will definitely use Travelex in the future for all currency exchanges!

1st time traveling overseas!

The card works well, but...

The card works well, but if you have a problem and need to call customer service, it must be from a landline phone. Mobile phones are automatically disconnected. Thus, I found it very frustrating to contact Travelex with my initial setup problems, having only a mobile phone to use.

J Lovell

excellent experience

Euros delivered on the correct date. Called several times prior to delivery with various questions. Customer service representative was very patient and informative. Excellent experience.

Andrew Birt

Ordering was easy, a hiccup with delivery

Placing my online order for foreign currency was simple and straightforward, and delivery was quick. My only complaint is that, while I chose the day of the delivery, it was not made clear to me that (1) the package would be delivered before 10:30 a.m., and (2) a delivery signature was required. As a result, I missed the delivery and had to call UPS to request redelivery to my address instead of having to pick up the package at a UPS pickup point. Fortunately, the UPS driver was on my street again later the same day and tried again to deliver my package - and this time I was in to sign for it, so everything ended well. However, fuller delivery information upfront would have avoided some stress.

Ellen in Pittsburgh, PA

Great Service!

Easy to use! It was nice showing up to another country with local currency! I used both the cash and card service.

Kimberly S.

Travelex US is great

Travelex US is great. It was an easy process to order what I needed and it arrived exactly when I scheduled it. I will use this service again whenever I need foreign currency.


Every thing went smoothly and promptly

Every thing went smoothly and promptly

tom hamman

Ordered Online for Pick-up at the Airport

The day before my trip started, I ordered 100 Euros on the Travelex website, for pick-up at the JFK airport in New York. The on-line order process was quick and easy. The pick-up at JFK was also easy, although it did take a couple of minutes longer than I thought it should have. The representative at JFK was very nice and provided me the Euros in the denominations that I asked for. I found that ordering on line the day before for pick-up at the airport was cheaper that buying at the airport.



Used them several times, always great! No problems!

Ginny Georgeton

It went smoothly!

We ordered our currency exchange on - line and picked up the cash at the Minneapolis airport! We were emailed when the funds were ready and even received a better rate because we paid for the Euros we needed with a credit card. It was great to have our Euros when we landed in Munich!

Eric Meier

Save time and exchange before you travel.

We were not going to have time to exchange money at the airport for our trip. We had never used an off site company before. Our Euros arrived on the date we requested. Travelex US will now be part of any planned trip we take out of the country. It was so convenient and easy.

Brenda S. Harvey


Fast, easy & competitive.


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