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How to buy foreign currency

With so many different options out there, you’re bound to find a way to get your foreign currency that’s the most convenient for you.

When there's so many things to think about before you leave for your vacation, it’s always a dream when you can make things disappear from your checklist.

With foreign currency an essential part of any trip abroad, make getting it a whole lot easier by picking the most convenient way for you.

How to buy currency

The process for buying currency is the same online as it is in retail stores:

  1. Calculate either how much currency you would like to exchange, or how much currency you would like to purchase. For example, do you have £500 to exchange into US dollars, or would you like to purchase $500?
  2. Check the exchange rate of the currency pair. The exchange rate is how much one currency is worth in comparison to the other. The pound/dollar currency pair can be denoted like this: GBP/USD
  3. Exchange rates will always be numerical, and fluctuate regularly depending on the value of each currency. For example, the GBP/USD currency pair could fluctuate from £1/$1.30 to £1/$1.31 in the space of a few hours. This means that one pound can now buy 1.31 dollars, whereas a few hours ago, it could only buy 1.30 dollars. The pound has strengthened against the dollar.
  4. If the exchange rate is favorable, i.e. the currency you wish to buy is selling for a good price against your home currency, lock in your purchase either on our website or at one of our stores.
  5. If you purchase online, we will charge your bank card for the currency you have purchased. If you purchase in store, you can use either card or you home currency cash to purchase your foreign currency.

Pre-ordering online

Here at Travelex, we make sure that getting your foreign currency is as simple and stress-free as possible. By ordering the currency you need online with us, you can lock in our best rate*; either pick it up at a time that suits you, or we can deliver it direct to your door. It’s an easy process, and it means that you won’t need to think about getting any currency when you arrive at your destination.

So if you’re pressed for time before your vacation, or you just like to plan ahead and get everything organized, we’ll show you exactly how to buy euros, dong or dirham – or any currency you need really!

What to consider when ordering your currency online

Thinking about the rate is just one consideration when it comes to getting your foreign currency, but don’t worry because we’re here to help make things really simple for you.

  1. Check the rates – Use our handy currency rate tracker to check how rates change over time
  2. Think about how much you need – Your budget will help you to work out just how much you need to take with you, depending on how long you’re going for, how many of you are going and how big of a spender you are!
  3. How you want to get your money – If lining up to get your money isn’t your style, then you can order your currency to be delivered direct to your door. Alternatively, if you like to see a friendly face when you get your money, you can pick up at one of our stores across the US.

*Travelex’s ‘Best Rates’ are determined by averaging our standard Travelex Retail Exchange Rates, including promotional rates, over the past year. Travelex Retail Exchange Rate is determined daily by Travelex in its sole discretion. Check your nearest Travelex retail store for current in store promotional rates.

Three easy ways to pick up your foreign currency

1. Convenient home delivery

Arrange to have your foreign currency delivered straight to your doorstep. We'll even ship it for free when you order over $1000. You can get your delivery next-day if you order by 4pm EST.

Order for home delivery
Three easy ways to pick up your foreign currency

2. Pick up in store

With over 200 stores across the US, you can pick up your cash for free. Our stores are conveniently located in city centers and major airports, so you can even pick it up on the way to your vacation destination! If you place your order by 1pm EST, many currencies can be ready to pick up the very next day.

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3. Order in store over the counter

To get your foreign currency instantly, you can walk into a store and speak with a specialist foreign currency advisor. They can help you to decide exactly what currency you need and the best solution for you.

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