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US dollar to Emirati dirham exchange rates

A brief overview of the Emirati dirham and its performance against the US dollar.


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The latest on USD to AED exchange rates

One American Dollar currently exchanges at a rate of AED.

To see the latest exchange rate and compare historic rates year on year, head over to our exchange rates page.
The latest on USD to AED exchange rates

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The lowdown on the evolution of the Emirati dirham

The name for the Emirati dirham originally derives from the Greek word drachmae meaning ‘handful’ and the old Greek currency of drachma. Back in the Greek-speaking Byzantine Empire, trade with Arabia meant that the Greek drachma coins were circulated around what is now the United Arab Emirates, becoming the Ottoman dirham across the Ottoman Empire and Persian states in the 7th century.

On May 19, 1973, the United Arab Emirates dirham was introduced, replacing the previous Qatar and Dubai riyal at par. The Qatar and Dubai riyal had been the currency across the UAE since 1966, except in Abu Dhabi which used the Bahraini dinar, which was replaced by the United Arab Emirates dirham at a rate of one dirham to 0.1 dinar. Before 1966, all of the UAE used the Gulf rupee.

A look back at US dollar to Emirati dirham rates

On January 28, 1978, the dirham was officially pegged to the International Monetary Fund’s special drawing rights. Known as SDRs, special drawing rights base their value on a basket of key international currencies. In actual practice, the Emirati dirham is pegged to the US dollar.

Since November 1997, the dirham has been pegged to the US dollar at a rate of 3.6725 dirhams to one dollar or 0.272294 dollars to one dirham and has remained pegged ever since.

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