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Travelex delivers currency services for partners around the world, including more than 1500 financial institutions solely in North America. Travelex’s years of experience, knowledge and working relationship with all partner groups has resulted in becoming the world’s largest foreign currency provider.

Currency Services can represent a new revenue stream for many financial institutions. Providing these services will not only increase profit, but more importantly customer satisfaction and loyalty. Travelex is the preferred partner for foreign currency solutions and has a proven record for delivering incremental revenue.

Partnership Approach

Travelex is the ideal provider for foreign currency because we meet the expectations of each unique partner by creating an individualized approach aimed at driving volume and profitability. Being the most trusted brand in foreign currency, Travelex provides maximum service and expertise to our partners. We assume the responsibility of providing currency for a minimal investment with maximum service.

If you have any questions you can contact us at or call 866-458-1193.

Business Products

Foreign Currency

Travelex maintains stock of more than 80 foreign currencies. We source banknotes that may be difficult to obtain due to limited availability in the marketplace, and can quickly move currency around the globe through our worldwide network. Our decades of experience in seasonal currency trends and extensive market research indicates that we accurately anticipate customers’ needs.


CashPax™ are pre-packaged wallets of local currency and coin containing a range of banknote denominations designed to meet the needs of customers who would like to arrive prepared at a destination. CashPax™ are available in Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen, and Mexican Pesos.

Cash Passport™

Travelex is the exclusive provider of the popular and award-winning prepaid currency card, Cash Passport™. As the premier alternative to travelers cheques, it is the convenient way to carry travel money - available in Euros, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, Australian & Canadian Dollars.


Each of our partnerships is customized to meet the specific needs and service culture of our partner business. Travelex offers a variety of delivery channels with a very robust compliance system and 24/7 customer support.

Travelex on Location

A Travelex Onsite is a Travelex-staffed foreign-currency window within a partner institution, such as a bank or airport. Foreign currency may be an ancillary product for many financial institutions, but it is our specialty. An Onsite allows you to offer your travelers additional services and a respected reputation in foreign exchange within the branch location.

Web Based Solutions

Currency Online

Travelex has developed a robust, secure online interface, Currency Online™, that features a user-friendly portal for teller stations and call-center desks.

Currency Online™ is specifically designed for selling and purchasing multiple products, including banknotes, prepaid currency cards and travelers cheques. The system offers a full suite of inventory controls, inventory management and stock-replenishment functionality.

Through Currency Online™, your staff can:

  • Sell or purchase banknotes to or from a customer.
  • Choose currency and view parameters of the transaction before ordering.
  • Consult with the customer to choose his or her desired denominations.
  • View banknote images to ensure their validity.
  • Execute next day delivery to the partner’s location by ordering as late as 4 PM EST.

Currency Online™ is in more than 14,000 locations in North America. Built-in controls ensure all internal reporting requirements are met, including transaction reports, audit trails from order to delivery, and OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) reviews and evaluations. Volume and activity management reports by product, branch and currency are used to identify opportunities and promotions.

The Travelex Online Solution for Your Customers

Our online, white-label or co-branded solution provides you with the ability to sell foreign exchange products from your website directly to your customers. Currently 900 partners across North America target their customers who prefer to purchase currency online through this solution

Your customer base or membership can:

  • Purchase foreign banknotes
  • Purchase foreigncurrency pre-paid cards
  • Choose currency and images of banknotes before ordering
  • Select specific amounts and denominations
  • Enjoy next day delivery directly to their home when placing an order as late as 4:00pm EST.

This secure and encrypted web-based solution delivers the following benefits to your business:

  • Profitable - effortlessly increases transactions as your customers or membership buys currency directly from your website.
  • Easy to implement - simply install a link for service that is seamless to members. Travelex maintains all back-end procedures and reporting.
  • Secure for you and your customers - Information is protected by a firewall and multiple layers of name and address verification.

Marketing Support

Travelex provides first-class service and marketing support to our partners. Services include:

  • Implementation support from a designated representative of our expert Customer Care Team.
  • Training and reference materials to help tellers become foreign-exchange experts.
  • Promotional materials ranging from posters and window-clings to a downloadable press kit and annual marketing calendar.
  • Access to our marketing database, where partners can order and download a variety of materials.

Contact Us

If you have any questions you can contact us at or call 866-458-1193.