Travelex Creates Interactive Movie Lovers Guide to the World App

NEW YORK, October 17, 2012 –Travelex, the world’s leading foreign currency provider, has created an addictive new app to help film lovers and avid travelers find where in the world the best and most prominent blockbusters in history were filmed.

The Travelex Movie Lover’s Guide to the World app is an engaging and interactive map in which a user can explore the filming locations of the top 250 movies of all time (according to IMDB). The map features red markers pinned in locations all over the world. Users can click a location marker to find out what was filmed there or they can click one of the movies listed to see all of the various locations where it was filmed.



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The app yields interesting, and sometimes surprising, facts, such as that Star Wars, Episode IV gathered its stunning foreign-planet backdrops by filming in California, Arizona, Guatemala, the U.K., and in various locations around Tunisia. Other blockbusters that were filmed in Tunisia can be discovered as well using the map, these include Raiders of the Lost Ark and Life of Brian.

Other interesting facts yielded by the app include:

  • A total of 155 locations were used to shoot the top ten movies on IMDB’s list.
  • Among the 155 locations, 63% were filmed in the U.S.A.
  • Out of that number, 39% were filmed in New York.

“The Movie Lover’s Guide offers a fun and unique way to learn more about your favorite movies and hopefully will spark your interest to travel to see those shooting locales in person,” said Jon Dario, president of Travelex Currency Services Inc. “You may have watched The Matrix several times and never realized it was actually partly filmed in Tennessee.

Knowing these facts makes the movies themselves more fun to watch and also showcases the many destinations, including those in our own backyards, that take us to exotic new worlds,” said Dario.

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